We CARE about your LIFE in Jesus Christ!

This is a ministry that believes in serving the people of God and the community with soul winning and innovative evangelism. newlifestl.com 

About Us

New Life Empowerment Church Are you Ready for a New Start? A New Found Freedom? Are you Ready to Experience the Power of God? This is a ministry for those desiring to experience Life Changing Spirit lead services outside of the "church as usual" formation. A Church that preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ with Power, God Given Clarity, Anointing and Kingdom Authority. Our Mission and Vision is to make a positive and spiritual difference in the lives of families within our communities and the world, primarily through God's Word. For more info, please visit our website - www.newlifestl.com 
  • New Life Empowerment Church
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We CARE about your LIFE in Jesus Christ!

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