RĀZ Mobile is led by veteran wireless professionals that share a passion for innovation in mobile giving. The team is committed to bringing non-profit organizations the best tools to recruit and retain mobile supporters.

DALE KNOOP - Founder
Dale Knoop is an industry-recognized pioneer in the mobile data services industry. In 2005 Dale won an Emmy while serving as General Manager for Sprint TV, the first carrier-branded mobile live TV service. In 2009 Dale conceived and launched Ruxter, a cloud-based mobile site creation service which he sold in 2011. Dale also holds several patents involving mobile data services.

LANCE LOCKE - Director of Operations
A graduate from the University of Kansas, Lance has over 14 years in the telecommunications industry, a majority of which was spent in building and supporting Sprint’s International wireline network. His roles included, but were not limited to, Offshore Vendor Management, Network Planning & Engineering and International Access Planning. His current role involves overseeing the daily functioning of the entire RĀZ Mobile platform, as well as supporting integration enhancements to said platform, be it RĀZ Mobile or 3rd party driven.

Reed Alberg joins the RĀZ Mobile team with over twenty years experience in nonprofit organizations and technology sales and support. He has a wide variety of experience in office, graphic design and web development programs. He enjoys local breweries, traveling, and working on old Ford Mustangs. He is married to Kim and has three children. His oldest son lives in Hawaii so if you have a conference call with him, it may just be the ocean you hear in the background.