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The Love Fund for Children provides anything and everything a child, 18 and younger may need.* Everything from clothing, coats and shoes, to technology aids for kids with disabilities, medical equipment and even beds, pillows and blankets. *Funds are allocated through an application process and voucher system. Children helped by the Love Fund are those whom a third party youth service professional (such as a case manager or medical care provider) has verified and applied for.

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Love Fund for Children

The Love Fund for Children is a Kansas City-based nonprofit assisting with anything -- and everything -- a child age 18 and younger needs.
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About The Love Fund for Children is a 501c3 organization located in the heart of Kansas City. We allocate goods and services to any child 18 years or younger, in 37 counties in Missouri and Kansas, who are unable to find funding or services from other resources. With a network of over 500 youth service professionals who identify and apply on behalf of children under their care, the Love Fund provides everything from life’s most basic essentials to highly specialized medical equipment.

Love Fund for Children
3030 Summit
Kansas City, MO 64108
EIN: 43-1298128